Being Fake In Social Media Doesn’t Get You Anywhere


Tomorrow at Social Media Club South Florida, we are getting together for our celebratory five year anniversary. The title of the panel is going to be : Stop Faking It.                                                                         (Image courtesy of Mich Elle for SMCSF ) I've been wanting to do a post on fake followers on Twitter for a while about what a former politician was doing … [Read more...]

Rebel Mouse and Storify WordPress Content Curation Plugins

This is the presentation I will be doing at  for Wordpress Miami (WP Miami) tomorrow . I will be focusing on Rebel Mouse first since I just installed it on my personal blog , Mi Caminar in a subdirectory. The free version of the plugin has links to the Rebel Mouse website and other people to follow. If you want to take out those features, it costs $9.99 a month. But it works quite well. Let me … [Read more...]

Tools To Create Content For Blogging

I shared a Scoop It from Brian Firth from New Web Talk. I edited the title since he titled his Scoop It with my name (Thanks Brian :) ) and edited the title. I also changed the category since the default was not the one I wanted.  I am not sure how this works with SEO since it is scooping the exact same title. Would love your input on this.   See on - Content Curation Tools … [Read more...]

Content Curation Tools Presentation at Wordcamp Miami #wcmia

Here is my presentation from Wordcamp Miami on Content Curation Tools. Also, check my last four or five blog posts for tutorials and examples of the different curation tools I shared in this presentation. Curation Tools For Your Blog Wordcamp Miami 2013 presentation from VizRED Here is the recording from UStream. Kudos to the team at Wordcamp Miami for recording … [Read more...]