Bebe Lanugo ~ WordPress in English and Spanish

Bebe Lanugo WordPress Multilingual Site

WordPress in English to WordPress in Spanish and English conversion with theme adjustments. This site sports an easy to use content management system that automatically creates link relationships between equivalent English and Spanish pages. When Bebe Lanugo create posts and pages, they can concentrate on the content and leave the website to manage the menus […]

Rename Plugins When You Customize Them

Rename plugins if you edit their code!

What do we do when we need to add a new feature to a WordPress site and we find a plugin that does almost exactly everything we need of it? What if we know a little code tweak will turn that plugin into the exact super plugin we need? We can ask the plugin developer […]

Be Good to Your Theme, Give it a Child

Example WordPress Child Theme StylesheetWordPress themes are stored in /wp-content/themes. This means they are not WordPress core files; and that means we can edit them. Uh oh! Themes update. What happens to file edits when our theme updates? They get overwritten. How do we protect theme file edits? Themes come in two classes: Parent themes Child themes Parent themes [...]

Those WordPress Admin Columns Are Sortable?

Use the Dropdown Filters to Narrow the Item List

The WordPress dashboard has many user comfort features that are so obvious to see that we completely overlook them. Take, for example, the post admin columns, What do you notice? A list of posts Bulk Actions An Inverted Triangle? Look more closely: The triangle shows when we hover over the Title column. It tells us […]