Being Fake In Social Media Doesn’t Get You Anywhere


Tomorrow at Social Media Club South Florida, we are getting together for our celebratory five year anniversary. The title of the panel is going to be : Stop Faking It.                                                                         (Image courtesy of Mich Elle for SMCSF ) I've been wanting to do a post on fake followers on Twitter for a while about what a former politician was doing … [Read more...]

K.I.S.S. For Small Businesses Starting Blogging


One of the first things I tell clients that I train in Social Media is to create original content, yep..just like I am doing here on this blog. Since we create websites besides the social media training, I find that they are initially overwhelmed just launching the website. After all,  they have to give me original text for all the services they offer, provide me with graphics, logos, and … [Read more...]