mobile-marketing-miamiOur goal in helping you succeed in your mobile marketing efforts is to increase your foot traffic for your offline business. We all know that Yellow page advertising is dead and you will make more sales through mobile advertising than print advertising (dollar for dollar).

Perhaps you are used to traditional marketing  and don’t understand how you can make more sales with all this new media. You don’t have to be social media savvy or even have a smart phone to implement some of these strategies to increase sales.

Using mobile phones, PDAs, and mobile devices for marketing purposes are what all the top companies are focusing on.  Mobile marketing is here now, just like the Internet was, back in the day. How many shares of stock would you own today if you had invested in Amazon, Microsoft, or another company when they first started? Mobile marketing is like your ticket to financial freedom if you act on it now, and not when the rest of the world has already been doing it for ten years.

We create mobile campaigns through various marketing channels: blogs, websites, business cards, flyers, email campaigns and  social media. Immediate results are realized. Results = sales. Sales = more customers. More customers = more money.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

  • Personal interactivity in no-pressure setting
  • Leverages buyer impulses on the most important device of their lives
  • Can be applied to almost any industry or niche
  • Messages are delivered fast, and nearly almost opened & read quickly
  • Urgent announcements can instantly be drafted and delivered
  • Subscribers can choose content preferences
  • Integrates with other marketing campaigns & platforms
  • Enables easy and convenient brand interaction