Blanca Stella Mejia speaks to your team, association groups and and companies about the importance of presenting an online image that reflects the essence and integrity of your company and the value of your services and/or products. She can show you how to create an authentic voice online with all the etiquette and norms in Social Media.

Case studies of similar companies will be presented to get you started on your digital marketing and online voice. Do it right from the beginning and you will be ahead of the game in no time. What people see online tells them a great deal about you and your company. Why not go beyond the box and create a plan for Social Media for Social Good?

If you’d like to schedule a talk filled with a loads of valuable information and ideas for your company or team, please use the contact form on this website.

You can also visit our In the Media page for links where we have spoken before.

This is a sample presentation we did to a multinational software company in Colombia. We customize our presentations with case studies in your industry.

See all our presentations on Slideshare: Social Media Presentations

Content Curation Tools Presentation

This is a talk I gave at Wordcamp Miami about Content Curation tools for your blog. I spoke from the perspective as a blogger and the challenges we have to create content and how these tools are useful: Blog post with Slides and Video

Here is an inspirational talk from Blanca at Ignite Miami, based on the Ignite Show: