Similar to Stack Exchange and Yahoo! Answers. Our WordPress Question and Answer forum plugin is the most efficient way to add a forum to any WordPress website. This forum is not intimidating to new users, it is easy to use and easy to manage. We can install it, configure it, style it and teach you to use it according to your needs.

Do you consider old style forums to be too big to manage? Too hard to get going?

Do you want a modern Question and Answer forum like Stack Exchange and Yahoo Answers?

An easy to use forum that looks busy with only a few questions?

A forum easy for visitors to use?

The go-to place for clients to find answers to commonly asked questions, a place for search engines to send surfers?

Our Questions and Answer software is ideal for anyone in need of an easy to use, easy to manage and easy to view forum where visitors create content and search engines send traffic.


View all new and old questions from the software\’s dashboard panel.

Add Questions

Add questions from your site\’s backend with the simplicity and ease of the WordPress post editor.

Question Categories

Create categories to add questions to when written by administrators and inquisitive surfers.

Question Tags

View, add and edit tags for questions to make them easy to find when searched for.

View Answers

View answers to questions and moderate them from your site\’s dashboard.

Easily see where you need to add new answers to clarify, correct or improve answers provided by visitors.

What Visitors See

Visitors can view questions, view unanswered questions and ask new questions. All from your site\’s front end.

Access Permissions

Access permissions can be fine tuned. Questions can be asked by registered or anonymous users. and Answers can be given by registered and anonymous users. The choice is yours.

There is no easier way to run and manage a forum; and no easier way to let your visitors work for you by creating much needed search engine friendly content for your website.

Question and Answer forums are modern and favoured by today\’s surfers.

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